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"The moment when a promising artist blossoms into a formidable one is glorious to behold, and it's taking place right now in the life of singer Cory Jamison."

Howard Reich, November 1999, Chicago Tribune.

"Cory exceptional new of the most persuasive young song interpreters to have emerged from Chicago in several years...Here is a triple-threat performer whose obvious musicianship, interpretive savvy, and lovely lyric instrument cannot help but disarm an audience."

Howard Reich, July 1998, Chicago Tribune


"The crowd was enthralled with Cory Jamison."

Misha Davenport, Chicago Sun-Times. March 2002.


"There was never a doubt of her contact with the material or her ability to communicate her love for these songs to the audience. This woman will be worth watching out for. Her voice is clear and sure, capable of carrying the emotional weight of a song in the best tradition of cabaret."

David Schwartz, July 2000,

"...from Riverboat Shuffle and Lazy River to Old Man Harlem and Old Buttermilk Sky. Cory Jamison did a grand job even in the 94-degree heat, singing' in the noonday sun."

Phil Elwood, September 1999, San Francisco Examiner

"Ready to knock Manhattan's socks off...Cory Jamison acquits herself of a near-perfect 'Nearness of You'."

David Finkle, October 1998, Village Voice

"Cory Jamison managed to transform the large-scoped Auditorium into an intimate cabaret. Here, indeed, is a true cabaret talent, a la Barbara Cook. She took some of those Carmichael songs--the saucy 'Bread and Gravy', the tongue-twisting 'Monkey Song', the clever 'Baltimore Oriole' and 'Small Fry'--and made them little dramas, little worlds, much like the best of the lieder singers, those who bring the songs of Schubert and Debussy and Wolf to life."

Peter Jacobi, November 1999, Bloomington Herald-Times

"Jamison is class personified and has a way with a lyric that will melt your heart."

Jess Rossen, December 1999, Cabaret Scenes

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